Executive Search

An executive search campaign is an in-depth, comprehensive method of ensuring that you have access to the best, most relevant talent in the market. Rather than rely on the comparatively small pool of proactive job seekers, it allows you to reach even those who are not actively looking – in some cases, a further 75% of industry professionals.

All recruitment is important. However, we appreciate that the successful appointment of a key member of senior staff or a new strategic position can have a significant impact on overall business performance and the bottom line. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the recruitment method you employ maximises your opportunity to identify and attract the best people.

We provide an exclusive service which means we limit the number of projects accepted at any one time to ensure our clients get maximum benefit from our expertise.

We work in partnership with you to understand the organisation, what you are trying to achieve, what strategy is in place to achieve it, and critically, what part your new recruit will play.

We then build a robust recruitment process that is designed to minimise the risk of anything going wrong.

How our process is broken down

  1. Briefing
  2. Role profiling
  3. Roadmap creation
  4. Research
  5. Long list identification
  6. Extended research
  7. Headhunting
  8. Candidate screening
  9. Interviewing
  10. Reference checking and further validation
  11. Shortlist identification
  12. Presentation of shortlist
  13. Interview briefing / de-briefing
  14. Counter offer preparation
  15. Presentation of offer
  16. Brokering the deal
  17. Management of resignation process
  18. Candidate feedback and support

We will provide feedback and advice throughout the process and will only commit to an assignment we are confident can be delivered.

How to get in touch

Contact us if you would like to discuss how this can work for you.