As an Executive Search and Interim Management consultancy, Mantaray work with businesses on a retained basis to map out the market landscape, identify potential candidates and then head-hunt target individuals. We provide an exclusive service which means we limit the number of projects accepted at any one time to ensure our clients get maximum benefit from our expertise.

We recognise that being retained in this manner is (like the entire recruitment industry) only of use to an individual who happens to meet the specification criteria. It does not benefit those who would rather take a more proactive approach to their job search and are dissatisfied with the reactive nature of traditional recruitment methods. A consistent complaint of the industry is that valuable skills and experience are overlooked or unrecognised by ‘recruitment agents’ whose processes are governed by key word searches of largely stocked candidate databases.

Career coaching firms go some way to aid an individual’s job search by identifying and highlighting individual value, strengths and ambitions, by utilising various training and development exercises and with interview coaching. They aid individuals in finding jobs, they do not find individuals jobs.

Mantaray provides a service which bridges that gap for professionals who are proactively looking to identify their next career move. By utilising the research expertise and process methodology of a retained search campaign, we build a confidential, bespoke route-to-market strategy for individuals and confidentially approach businesses on your behalf. This is done anonymously and your identity is only disclosed with your permission ahead of any arranged meeting.

The process is summarised below:

Stage 1:
• Identify criteria needed to be present to ensure any future move has a positive impact on your career.
• Identify the key skills and achievements representative of the value that you can add to any new business.
• Broadly determine the area/objective where you feel that value can be added.

Stage 2:
• Compile an initial long list of target organisations to be approached. These may be competitors, clients, companies whose reputation you admire, etc.
• Undertake research into each of these organisations to establish where you can add value. Where are they against their business plan? Where are they planning to invest/grow? Are there areas of underperformance? etc.
• Refine and agree the company target list to be used as audit and process control.
• Tailor a bespoke proposition for each company based on research and knowledge gained.

Stage 3:
• Identify the correct contact within each business. Who has the pressure points? Who will recognise the value that you can add? Who will be receptive to this approach?
• Make confidential approaches to the appropriate contact with the relevant business proposition.
• Establish relevance and interest for you: are the company’s plans in line with your own agenda? Are they able to accommodate you financially/structurally? In what capacity?
• If all required criteria are present, broker a confidential meeting.

Stage 4:
• Research, preparation and coaching ahead of meeting.
• Clearly define the proposition and value that you can add to the business.
• Establish whether the company objectives/culture/structure suit your ambitions.
• Engage with the formal interview process and meet all relevant parties.
• Broker job offers and negotiate suitable terms.

Stage 5/On-going:
• Provide aftercare and support as and when needed.

It is essential that we meet all individuals we agree to work with and as this process clearly requires time and resource investment by Mantaray, we operate on the basis of an exclusive working arrangement for the duration of the project. Typically, this will be 10–14 weeks.

We will provide on-going feedback and weekly status updates, and ensure that communication channels remain open. We communicate via telephone, email, Skype and in person.

As we limit the number of projects accepted at any one time in order for companies to get maximum benefit from our expertise, we also limit the number of individuals we work with in this manner. This enables us to work exclusively on your behalf for an agreed period of time.

Please contact us to discuss further or with any questions.