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Executive Search

An executive search campaign is an in-depth, comprehensive method of ensuring that you have access to the best, most relevant talent in the market. Rather than rely on the comparatively... | find out more

Resourcing Consultancy

Interim Managers are qualified, experienced senior managers who choose to operate professionally on a project by project basis.

Interim Management | find out more

Executive Research

Mantaray’s Executive Research offering allows organisations to gain useful insights into the market landscape and competitor businesses. The knowledge and intelligence... | find out more

About Mantaray

Mantaray provides Executive Search, Resourcing Consultancy, Advertised Selection and Executive Research to organisations in a variety of industry sectors throughout the UK.

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I would always recommend Gareth to other interim professionals, and would of course contact him as soon as I knew of vacancies he could fulfil ...

Interim Director of Communications (NHS)


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